US&S Launches New Brand

February 2014

Enhanced & Revitalized!

US&S BrandThe US&S logo is our most valuable brand asset. It helps give us our unique identity. Over the past decade, it has become apparent that our original logo had more brand recognition that we anticipated based on market feedback. That said, we also felt it was time to refresh our brand identity, enhancing and revitalizing our brand and how our customers experience it.  

The entire logo is made up of two distinct parts: The US&S Logotype & Symbol and our new Tagline: STAFF - SUPPORT - SUSTAIN. It is clean, solid and consistent and our new tagline is very much aligned with our core focus:  facility maintenance and support services. 

Assisted by brand design firm 7 Lime Design, we are extremely excited to share our refreshed image. While our relentless focus on serving our customers hasn't changed, our new brand identity now truly reflects who we are.