US&S is Named Small Business of the Month by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce

March 2014

It is wonderful to know that every move that the company has made over the past 11 years towards becoming a premier facility maintenance and support service provider to not only work with, but to work for is valued in the Greenville community, the city US&S was founded and houses its corporate office! 

The Greenville Chamber recognizes an extraordinary small business each month chosen by a selection committee from nominations provided by Greenville Chamber Members.  The award presentation is provided during the Chamber's monthly board meetings. US&S formally received the Greenville Chamber's Small Business of the Month Award on March 20, 2014.

Like most membership organizations the more you put in, the more you get out. This is why US&S has made every attempt possible to support the Chamber as a company; however, we highly encourage our individual employees to become more involved as well. Being engaged with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce comes with significant value for our company, our employees, and the overall community. It provides valuable networking opportunities for small businesses to connect with larger businesses and fosters revenue building relationships that are mutually beneficial. It provides excellent volunteering opportunities that encourage community service and engagement,  offers valuable training for our staff to grow personally and professionally, and delivers cost efficient means for our company to receive media and print exposure throughout the Greenville community. The success of the Chamber results in success for businesses like US&S and ultimately the success of the economic landscape across Greenville.

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