US&S Featured in Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Press Release for Contributions to the Site and Local Community

September 2014

In May 2013, US&S became a Protege to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) under Department of Energy (DOE) Contract Number DE-AC09-088SR22470. SRNS is the primary contractor for DOE. They recently exanded their Mentor-Protege Program (MPP) to include both small and large contract opportunities benefitting the site, small and minority-owned business and the area economies.

US&S was awarded an infrastructure/facility maintenance contract with SRNS through the MPP. US&S is performs preventive and corrective inspections and maintenance on building systems to include electrical, mechanical, plumbing and carpentry. HVAC and refrigeration activities include preventive and corrective maintenance service on respective units on SRNS managed buildings and trailers. These services are performed in 100 buildings located throughout the Savannah River Site campus.

The goal of the Department of Energy's Mentor-Protégé Program is to provide an opportunity for eligible small businesses to receive developmental assistance in business and technical areas. The Program is designed to improve capabilities to perform contracts and subcontracts for the Department and other Federal agencies. The Department utilizes the Mentor-Protégé Program to increase the participation of small businesses as prime contractors, as well as subcontractors to prime contractors. Department prime contractors, as mentors, enter into agreements with eligible protégé firms to provide developmental assistance to enhance the business and technical capabilities of the protégé firms and to promote and foster long-term business relationships. US&S CEO, stated "They are genuine in their desire to help small companies like ours to grow not only in size, but also in experience and expertise," said Hagins.  "We'd recommend any qualified business to take advantage of this exceptional program and the opportunities it offers."

To learn more about what SRNS is doing and the success that US&S has been a part of over the last year, read the full press release, visit: