US&S, Inc. CEO Rich Hagins named one of Upstate SC "50 Most Influential of 2018" January 2019

US&S, Inc. CEO Rich Hagins named one of Upstate SC "50 Most Influential of 2018"
US&S, Inc. CEO Rich Hagins named one of Upstate SC "50 Most Influential of 2018"Congratulations to US&S CEO Rich Hagins, now recognized as one of 2018's 50 Most Influential people by Greenville Business Magazine (GBM). The selection is a result of GBM staff research and community nominations, and recognizes individual leaders who continue to make a lasting impact on the Upstate of South Carolina. We look forward to the official celebration later this month!
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New Customer: SHARE Contracts US&S, Inc. for Integrated Facility Operations & Maintenance Support January 2019

New Customer: SHARE Contracts US&S, Inc. for Integrated Facility Operations & Maintenance Support

US&S, Inc. has been hired by Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources (SHARE) for facility support and maintenance operations - with beginning in Quarter 4 of 2018.

Goal: Enhance customer facility maintenance efforts, affording SHARE more freedom and flexibility to work on their core business and mission.

With a facility manager already in place, US&S was contracted as an integrated management solution enhancing their operations & maintenance efforts across multiple sites within the Upstate of South Carolina.

US&S welcomes SHARE, and looks forward to helping them maintain professional and safe environments for their employees and the children in which they service.
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US&S, Inc. Adopts Family For Christmas | Salvation Army Angel Tree Program January 2019

US&S Adopts Family for Slavation Army Angel Tree Program

Proud Moment: Team US&S participated in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, adopting a family of 3 for Christmas.

The program has a GOAL of putting new clothes and toys under the tree for 1 million children who usually have to go without Christmas gifts. Anonymous donors adopt these little "angels" in an expanding Christmas tradition that makes the season brighter for both the gift giver and receiver.

Ornaments were placed on our corporate tree with the family member's wishlist, and our team members picked items to donate. It filled our hearts to have such a great package to deliver!
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Business Partner Highlight: Memoirs Catering & Events January 2019

Memoirs Events & Catering

Our corporate staff enjoying a beautiful lunch by Memoirs Events and Catering in celebration of the holiday and our President Euleta Alston's birthday. 

Memoirs is a full service Event Planning Company providing Planning, Catering, Personal Chef Services and Intimate Events "Creating Memories." They offer small, intimate dinner parties to large celebrations. They provide custom events to suit their client's vision and specific requirements, and pride themselves on giving exceptional service and ensuring that high standards are met and maintained.

For more about Memoirs Events & Catering, visit their website.
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Making Value-Driven Decisions January 2019

US&S, Inc. is driven by 6 core values
"Great companies," as stated by Kununu, "aren't just about sales and profit, they also have a clear company identity and stand for something
Defining values is important because they provide guidance for ambiguous scenarios and tough tradeoffs. Their influence on a million daily decisions propels the company towards its mission. 

Additionally, they are a beacon for talent that is intrinsically motivated to accomplish your company's goals."


6 Core Values That Drive US&S

Our team strives to continually demonstrate a number of core values in the way we conduct our business - our timeless values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we live. They keep us focused on delivering the "ultimate customer experience" for every client, every time.


 Family Focus



 Performance Excellence



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Kudos! US&S, Inc. Project Coordinator Tarrance Collins Saves Customer $5,000 January 2019

Kudos Tarrance! Thank you for saving [REDACTED] $5,000

Tarrance Collins, Project Coordinator for US&S, Inc. saves US&S customer $5,000 by practicing STEWARDSHIP - finding a $80 repair instead of a $5,000 replacement.

US&S, Inc. would like to recognize Project Coordinator Tarrance Young for excellence in project maintenance, saving our newest customer [REDACTED] nearly $5,000 on a new freezer at their [REDACTED] location. Tarrance jumped in to troubleshoot the issue after becoming aware that [REDACTED] was planning to replace the unit which had not been working for some time.

By being an advocate for [REDACTED], and a good steward to their budget, Tarrance exemplified the US&S core value of STEWARDSHIP. The freezer only needed 2 new fan motors, at a cost of $40 each, as opposed to a brand new industrial freezer costing an excess of $5,000.
We take great pride in valuing and safeguarding the environment, energy resources, finances and assets entrusted in our care. We believe it is our civic duty to protect, support and give back to our local and global community.

Thank You!

- Team US&S

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