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Please take a look at a variety of the projects we have completed or currently perform for clients across the country. It is our intent, that this sample of projects will provide you additional insight needed to gain the best understanding possible of what we can do for your facility.

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U.S. Department of the Army

Fort Jackson CDC Janitorial
Janitorial Services
Columbia, SC

US&S is responsible for full scope janitorial services for multiple buildings on Fort Jackson Army Base in Columbia, SC. These buildings include child development centers with infant care rooms and a child learning center. Other facilities include youth centers, including gymnasiums, game rooms, computer labs, snack bars, dance studio and art rooms as well as Class A Office space. Our cleaning standards adhere to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. We provide daily and periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) janitorial services, including dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, trash removal, glass cleaning, cleaning door mats, disinfecting water fountains, polishing bright work, cleaning restrooms, replenishing restroom supplies, mopping, carpet cleaning, and stripping and waxing hard floors in offices, restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, infant care rooms, class rooms, game rooms, the dance studio, computer labs and common areas.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Building 644
Goose Creek, SC

US&S was responsible for this $10.9 M structural enhancement and complete renovation of a dated bowling alley by converting it into Class A office space to house the Department of State Human Resources Department. The exterior was updated to include a new building envelope and complete brick veneer finish. All mechanical and electrical services were completely replaced as well as the installation of high tech security and telecommunications equipment. This project met all the requirements needed for LEED Silver certification.


Shaw Environmental, Inc.

Chanute ET Buffer Services
Maintenance & Operations
Rantoul, IL

US&S was responsible for the design, supply, and installation of Evapotranspiration (ET) Buffer Services at a number of landfills at the former Chanute Air Force Base located in east-central Illinois, approximately 12 miles north of the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area. The Ecolotree® Buffer (EBuffer®), utilized for this project, uses poplar trees and under-story grasses to filter sediments and pollutants from groundwater, surface water, and irrigation water. EBuffers® can take the form of a plantation, or are strategically placed as the final filter at stream side or around a site perimeter. They are designed to remove organic and inorganic pollutants in waste water effluents, contaminated soils, and non-point source pollution. The trees can be managed for biomass yield and harvested for sale as wood and fiber. Additional benefits include erosion prevention, greenhouse gas sequestration, and creation of a visual barrier, windbreak, and wildlife habitat. They are currently being used for many sustainability applications and initiatives.


U.S. Navy - NAVFAC Southeast

Building 3039 Roofing
Kings Bay, GA

US&S was responsible for the preparation of an existing roof surface for the installation of a new roofing system – the new roofing system was a cold applied application system where US&S was responsible for the removal of the existing single ply roof membrane only, taking care to salvage the existing polyisocyanurate insulation system and install a new 20 year two ply (SBS) Modified Bitumen roofing system to meet the 120 MPH wind up lift design. US&S applied a manufacturer's reflective roof coating and provided an additional five (5) year roof warranty through the manufacturer, for a total of 25 years warranty of the roofing system at the MAB-1 Facility, Building 3039 at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.


Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Non-Exempt Staff Augmentation Services
Staff Augmentation
Aiken, SC

US&S provides non-exempt staff augmentation services in order to supplement the work force at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (SRNS) as requested in support of management and operations activities ranging from temporary to long-term placements. We are responsible for identifying, submitting and hiring qualified candidates along with the contractual and human resource requirements to sustain their positions with the site. There are a number of occupational qualifications associated with this contract, which change periodically based on SRNS mission critical needs, ranging from General Clerk/Administrative requirements to Sr. Lab Technician positions. Through targeted marketing/recruiting and strategic subcontracting, US&S is able to provide SRNS with significant staffing support.


U.S. Air Force

Pope AFB Recreation Facility Demolition
Renovation - Demolition
Fayetteville, NC

US&S was responsible for pulling down a log cabin fixture on Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina by manually and mechanically using large hydraulic equipment for total demolition and debris removal. Built-in 1943, the facility functioned as a recreation building prior to demolition.


Savannah River Remediation, LLC

SRR - Material Access Centers (MAC)
Management & Operations
Aiken, SC

US&S provides management and operations services 7 days/week, 24-hours/day for the warehouse functions for multiple warehouses and material lay-down yards in support of SRR mission objectives, which includes approx. 23,000 items of inventory with an estimated value of $49,000,000 through a joint venture with E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc, US&S-E2 I, LLC.


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