Hundreds and maybe even thousands of students, teachers, staff, and visitors go through your buildings every day.

Operations and maintenance (O&M) and janitorial services are a must to make sure your school stays clean, presentable, and safe.

A school should take pride in its appearance and cleanliness. Janitorial services not only give a school its scrubbed and shining appearance, but they keep students and staff safe by cleaning spills, wiping away germs and bacteria, and removing potential safety hazards. Constant disinfection is important in creating a pleasant learning environment free of distractions and creates a positive impression on parents and visitors alike.

Our services go beyond custodial work and basic repairs. O&M services include maintaining the smooth operation of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. We can identify HVAC leaks or pinpoint faulty lighting systems, repairs to which can reduce a school's carbon footprint and avoid future repairs that might be costlier. O&M services also help maximize energy efficiency and hold down consumption and cost.

US&S' O&M and janitorial services ensure that your school is a safe and congenial atmosphere in which to work and learn.

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Why Partner with US&S to Maintain Your Educational Facility?

US&S has worked with universities and community colleges for many years.

As a facility maintenance partner to the U.S. Department of the Army, US&S is responsible for wide-ranging janitorial services for multiple buildings on Fort Jackson Army Base in Columbia, S.C. These buildings include child development centers with infant care rooms and a child learning center.

At the base, we manage assets ranging from computer labs and snack bars to a youth center,  gymnasium, game rooms, dance studio and art rooms, and a Class A office space. US&S maintains more than 125,000 square feet of facility space, serving 625 children and youth across the 52,000-acre military base. 

Exceptional Service You Can Count On 

There are two reasons for our continuing excellence. Our management is second to none and offer transparency in reporting. Our on-the-ground managers and supervisors routinely perform inspections and deliver weekly reports.

If any inspection receives a score below 80, we'll correct any faults and perform the same inspection within 24 hours. The cleanliness of your school matters to us, and your family members, coworkers, and students matter to us as well.

Our Cleaning Standards

Our cleaning standards adhere to standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We meet these high standards and go far beyond them. The health of our children and young people is sustained by truly hygienic learning and working spaces.

Helping to Keep Your School Safe

Working in public schools requires ever more stringent safety training and performance requirements. Environmental and blood-borne pathogens, not to mention such threats as school shootings, are becoming more of an everyday reality.

We have experience using third-party software and internal documentation to train our employees who'll be working on your campus. We'll also train our employees at your school so they'll be sure to know your school buildings and grounds.

Reporting Made Easy

Our reporting is instantaneous; you'll receive transparency and visibility when you partner with us for your O&M and janitorial services. If you see sub-standard work, we'll correct it so that you can run your school free of distractions.

Safety is part of our inspection process. We'll immediately notify you of safety issues spotted during our inspections, even if it falls outside the scope of our contract.

We’ll streamline your school’s operations by placing all of your services under one contract, making collaboration easier since you’ll have one point of contact, fewer contracts to manage, and fewer administrative and accounting concerns.


Let US&S keep your halls of learning safe and clean.

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