Industrial and manufacturing facilities rely on complex machinery, equipment, and production systems.

O&M service providers offer regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of these assets to make sure the machinery, equipment, and production systems are reliable and performing well.

After all, equipment breakdowns, malfunctions, and downtime could cause safety hazards, injuries, and production losses.

But the services that industrial and manufacturing facilities need go beyond O&M services. Facilities and plants need janitorial services to ensure product quality, reduce the risk of contamination, and create a safe and healthy environment for employees.

Janitorial services also help keep industrial and manufacturing facilities in compliance with industry regulations and standards related to cleanliness and safety. Regulatory bodies may require facilities and plants to undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance. Janitorial service providers can help manufacturers meet these requirements by keeping the facility clean.


US&S has provided O&M and janitorial services for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing facilities.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we've provided asset management and array of O&M and janitorial services for household names like Boeing, BMW, Michelin, and others.

As a facility maintenance partner to the U.S, we'll help manage and protect the machinery, equipment, and infrastructure that keeps your facilities running. Depend on us to help manage and protect your assets by implementing maintenance strategies, tracking equipment performance, and planning for replacements or upgrades. 

We are a single-source solution to the challenges in your facilities. Count on us to keep your entire facilities clean and perform other duties like supply management, inventory control, and compliance regulation.

And we won't stop there. We can provide O&M services you need, like:

Asset Management

Program Management

Project, Contract & Subcontractor Management

Security/Access Control & Badging

Your Safety and Risk Management Partner

US&S is here to help with safety and risk management. We'll inspect your facilities on a regular basis as part of our standard O&M services. Safety check-ups are part of our standard inspection process. You’ll receive the required documentation and reporting to make sure you're following the safety regulations in your industry. 

You can also trust us to notify you of safety issues spotted during your inspections even if it falls outside the scope of your contract. Our goal is to help minimize workplace accidents, injuries, and any legal and financial liabilities associated with them.

Save Your Facility Energy and Money

Our CIMS-GB with Honors certification uniquely empowers US&S to support your sustainability initiatives. By monitoring and maintaining core systems like boilers, compressors, HVAC, and even lighting, our O&M services can optimize your facility's energy efficiency, reducing your impact on the environment and saving you money.

Rely on us to identify energy inefficiencies and implement energy-saving measures like equipment upgrades, process optimization, or smart energy management systems. When you leave the O&M services to us, you can focus on your core production activities. You'll be able to allocate your budget and workforce to areas that directly impact your competitive advantage and revenue generation.

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Practicing Environmental Stewardship

Saving energy is only one way US&S seeks to help you practice environmental sustainability. One of our core values is Environmental Stewardship, and we take it seriously. We mean it when we say we must safeguard the environment, energy resources, finances and assets entrusted in our care. We truly do believe it is our duty to protect, support and give back to our local and global community.

ISSA, the International Sanitary Supply Association, recognized our commitment to sustainability and green cleaning. We have achieved the worldwide cleaning industry association’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard - Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification. Only 15% of O&M and janitorial service providers have achieved the certification.

We'll make sure you comply with environmental regulations by implementing or continuing sustainable practices. Rely on us to:

  • Implement or continue waste management and recycling initiatives 
  • Implement or continue water conservation initiatives 
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products 

These initiatives help increase and sustain property value through lowering equipment, utility, and operating costs. Sustainability initiatives also keep people more productive and health conscious and improve social responsibility and our overall community.


Let US&S help you reach your sustainability goals for your industrial facility.

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