Refrigeration Heroes, established in 1977, specializes in providing commercial refrigeration, HVAC, and cooking equipment services. 

Over the years the company has experienced substantial expansion across the Carolinas. Refrigeration Heroes embarked on a project to expand and modernize their corporate headquarters in Greer, South Carolina to accommodate its growth. 

This case study provides an overview of the collaboration between Refrigeration Heroes and US&S, highlighting the renovation project’s objectives, challenges, and outcomes.

The Objectives

In light of the company’s growing operations and workforce, Refrigeration Heroes needed to redesign their 10,000-square-foot building.

Initially, the structure consisted of 3,000 square feet of office space and 7,000 square feet of warehouse, but the company’s continued expansion required a reversal of this allocation. The renovation focused on creating a contemporary, functional space that promotes collaboration and efficiency, reflecting the company’s status as a veteran industry leader.

The Challenges

As the renovation necessitated clearing the entire headquarters, the team faced the major challenge of overhauling the space while ensuring uninterrupted daily operation without disrupting client service. Moreover, supply chain issues and scheduling complexities added further complications, making thought-out strategic planning and smooth coordination imperative.

The Solution

US&S, a company renowned for its expertise in construction and facility maintenance, was selected for their strong relationship and proven track record with Refrigeration Heroes. The project was led by US&S’s Assistant Director of Operation and O&M Services, Darien Alston, who worked closely with architect Mel Middleton to ensure that the renovation met Refrigeration Heroes' requirements within the specified budget and time constraints.

The collaboration was characterized by open communication, creative problem-solving, and meticulous planning to minimize disruption and make efficient use of space.

Strategic coordination was vital to maintain business continuity throughout the project, including setting up temporary trailer offices and remote work options so daily operations and client service could continue unimpeded during construction.

Impact on Operations

The renovation has positively transformed Refrigeration Heroes' daily operations. The company's headquarters has been modernized and now has collaborative spaces, advanced training facilities for junior technicians, and a layout that supports the company's workflow. As a result, team communication, productivity, sense of belonging, support, and overall morale have been enhanced, with employees expressing their appreciation for the new, dynamic work environment.

Continued Partnership

The relationship between Refrigeration Heroes and US&S has grown beyond the renovation project. US&S now also provides janitorial services for the building, indicating a deepening trust and satisfaction with their services. This ongoing partnership is a testament to US&S's ability to deliver comprehensive solutions and support to their clients.


The renovation of Refrigeration Heroes' corporate headquarters is an excellent illustration of how strategic planning, expert execution, and strong partnerships can transform a workspace to meet the evolving needs of a growing company.

This project revitalized their physical environment and reinforced the company's commitment to its employees and clients.

As Refrigeration Heroes continues to expand, their modernized headquarters will serve as a foundation for future success, embodying the company's innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.

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"Working with US&S was a game-changer for us. Their expertise, communication, and commitment to our project were evident from start to finish. The renovation has completely transformed how we operate, fostering a more collaborative and efficient workspace. We're thrilled with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership with US&S."

- Jason Holeman, Owner of Refrigeration Heroes


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